108 Release Notes

New Features

  • Workers are no longer allowed to select dates of birth in the very far past (e.g. 1066 AD)
  • Org managers can now see the status of supplier workers who aren’t of status verified
  • Org managers can now archive workers from the org portal
  • Inductions with free text fields can now be viewed in Admin portal and assessed in org portal
  • The Worker Details page in Org Portal has now been updated
  • When an org manager attempts to add a worker to their organisation for a position they already hold, the manager will receive a notification advising of this
  • Issue Dates will no longer allow you to select a future date

Bug Fixes

  • An issue where org managers were being told their workers will b e charged irrespective of the organisations billing settings has been resolved
  • An issue with adding internal worker documents has been resolved
  • An issue with the ID photo no longer appearing on card print and in worker documents has been resolved
  • An issue with retrieving documents from app.tik.me has been resolved
  • “Your 0 position has been verified” email issue has been resolved