105 + 106 Release Notes

New Features

  • Locations functionality has been expanded added to the Admin and Organisation portals

    • This feature will remain optional and marked as (Preview) until a future release
  • We’ve hidden the Manage Workers Beta page
  • Implemented security improvements
  • Improved exemptions – they now expire properly, and more detail is provided for them in the Worker Details page in Org

Bug Fixes

  • An issue with viewing comments in Admin portal has been resolved
  • An issue where some positions weren’t expiring correctly has been resolved

    • The issue involved Imperva thinking our backend automation was a DDOS attack, and blocking them after a while. After whitelisting Azure from itself (?), Imperva didn't consider it an attack, and the Expiry Dates updated correctly
  • An issue where workers couldn’t view their documents from app.tik.me has been resolved

    • Known Issue: if they try to download these documents, they won’t be able to view them (filetype extension will be unknown). This will be fixed in Release 108
  • An issue where Admins were prevented from processing the document (they’d see an Internal Server Error) has been resolved