Hey folks, the release notes are as follows:

104 Release Notes

New Features

  • Locations functionality has been added to the Admin and Organisation portals
  • This feature will remain hidden from the Organisation Portal until Release 105
  • The entity timeline when prepaid credits are added has been updated in both Admin and Organisation portals
  • Verified workers who are being added to a new organisation for the same position will be sent an email notifying them of this
  • The downloadable certificate in Org Portal and the access card letter template in Admin Portal have both been rebranded to Credenxia
  • We integrated with CVCheck for police clearances
  • Note that this functionality isn’t testable, because CVCheck does not have a test environment for this functionality

Bug Fixes

  • An issue with Javascript errors not displaying on the identity photo page in Positions has been resolved
  • An issue with creation of new Credential Groups has been resolved in Admin Portal
  • An issue with custom content not being included in the email sent to workers when approved for their position has been resolved
  • An issue with the approval of positions with exempted credentials has been resolved