Release Notes - Release 96

Hello Everyone,

We have some nice updates for you!
The updated version (Release 80) of TikForce Platform was released on 21/03/2019.
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The TikForce Team

Release R96

Proposed for release: 21st March 2019 (Yey!)

Organisation Portal


  • Previously, you could Add or Invite a Worker. Everyone was confused (Even us). No more confusion now - the Add and Invite Worker functionality has been merged into one
  • Managers treat yo’self: You have a redesigned Manage Workers page - which is beta (testing). This now lists the worker’s latest position, the status and expiry date. 
    • This is accessible from the Workers menu and is underneath the original page, which we have kept until we're happy with the new page.

Bug Fixes

...there might have been some bugs in the system that needed urgent fixing (shame on us).

  • Org managers can no longer reset workers to the initiated status by re-inviting them to their already verified positions.
  • Org managers can now make inactive positions active from the Manage Positions page.
  • An issue where multiple credentials were being added when the save button was clicked more than once has been resolved.

Positions Portal


  • Fancy date pickers have been added to the visa and passport expiry pages.
  • The High Risk Work Licence collector now asks for other licences the individual holds. This will help in reporting across your workforce.
  • We picked up our game: The Foreign Visas can now be uploaded as PDFs. Passport bio pages can no longer be uploaded as PDF's due to facial recognition requirements.
  • The tab order when setting or resetting your password now skips the "view password icon" - Yep, our development team is getting some cool stuff done.

Bug Fixes

  • Workers have been prevented from uploading position credentials until they've completed their identity check.
  • An issue with worker identity verification when two primary documents are used has been resolved.
  • An issue with the expiry date on New Zealand passport forms disappearing when they don't validate has been resolved.
  • An issue where multiple credentials were being added when the continue button was clicked more than once has been resolved.