Credenxia's Verification Process

Credenxia's identity verification is done by a database check - we verify your identity against government records, and we compare the details on your uploaded photo ID against the information held in government databases.

You will need to first review your basic details, add some identity and address information, and upload identity documents for your online verification.

We will use your uploaded documentation and photograph to verify your details against a number of sources:

  • Your address will be matched against the Electoral Roll. When you enter your address, please make sure it is the same as in at least one of these sources.
  • Your full name and date of birth will be matched against the relevant database for the ID document(s) you upload, the Electoral Roll, and the Australian tenancy file. If these sources include a middle name, please make sure you enter it. A correct middle name is very important for matching to the electoral roll.
  • The passport-style photograph you upload will be matched to your photo ID.