MTM has selected Credenxia for their third-party induction process. This process requires verifying your identity and viewing of MTM's induction video. 

To verify your identity, you need to upload your identity documentation.

For the documents to be uploaded, you can scan them onto your computer or simply take a picture, and then upload them. 

Identity documentation required:

  • At least 1 form of photo identification (Primary Identification). The best options are an Australian-issued driver’s licence or passport. If you have both, uploading them will make it easier to verify your ID.
  • A Secondary Identification (e.g Utility bill, Medicare Card, or Bank Statement with a matching details of your name and address)
  • A 'selfie' photograph (taken with a smart phone or device), which we use to compare to your photo identification. Make sure your photo matches the requirements listed, when you are asked to upload it.

Primary ID Types

  • Passport
  • Australian Driver's Licence
  • A valid and current work Visa with foreign Passport
  • Immicard
  • Citizenship Certificate
  • Australian or New Zealand Birth Certificate

Secondary ID Types

  • Medicare Card
  • Bank Statement
  • Medibank Card
  • Australian Electoral Roll Check
  • Utility Bill
  • All Primary ID Types

Credenxia's identity verification is done by a database check - we verify your identity against government records, and we compare the details on your uploaded photo ID against the information held in government databases.

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