TikForce invites you to a complete a Position through a web link sent to your email address - this link is direct to your Position, and by following the steps, you are creating a TikForce account (signing up) as well as completing the Position requirements.

It can sometimes be difficult to find access to the Position again, if you have started the sign-up process and paused before completing the Position requirements, or someone else has started the sign-up process for you (we DO NOT recommend that you let someone else sign-up to TikForce for you, because it your personal identity and credentials account that is being set up and only you should have access to these details, plus only you should complete any required online training). 

Please note, once the invitation to a TikForce Position has been accepted and the account sign-up process has been started (by clicking on the link in the email we sent you), we are unable to re-send the Position link to you.

Here's how to find access to your TikForce Position:

  1. You will now need to log into your TikForce account through Tik.me - Tik.me is where your personal account details reside on the TikForce platform, including storage of all your positions, identity documents, and credentials. It is like a personal vault for your work documentation - secure and accessible 24/7.

    To access Tik.me, visit http://app.tik.me/  and sign-in using the email address and password that were used in your TikForce sign-up. You can request a new password if you have Forgotten Your Password.

    Anytime you access any part of the TikForce platform (Tik.me or TikForce Positions), you will use this same sign-in email and password.

  2. Once you are on your Tik.me profile dashboard, scroll down to find the Positions section, and select the Position eg  "MTMThird-PartyContractorOnboardingWizard".

  3. Once selected, click on the "Go to Position" button

  4. In the Position, the arrow shows which stage of the verification process you are up to. In the example below, the MTM induction video training has not been completed. Select this item, and complete.

To find out how to get more out of your Tik.me account, please see:

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