Below is a summary of the functionalities available on the TikForce Platform.


Manage Workers
Manage Workers is where you add workers and pre-verified workers, export contact details, as well as view and edit workers within the Organisation Portal. 

From this page you can edit the role of the workers as well as view their details, which allows you to send messages, add credentials, generate worker profile certificates and remove the workers. It shows the position and the credentials that are associated with the worker.

Manage Invites
In Manage Invites you can view all workers who have been invited to your Organisation. It shows their status – whether the worker has accepted the invitation (by clicking on the link sent to their email), or simply sent (the user has been sent their invite but have not clicked the link to accept it).

From this page you can also remove them or resend their invitation links.

Bulk Actions
Bulk Actions allows you to add or invite workers in bulk.



Worker Relationships show the connection between workers and supervisors. It also allows you to view, edit or remove workers.


Reports allows you to generate reports about your workers. Most reports in this section are based on expiry of credentials, as well as worker information. The TikForce Support team will be able to assist with any reporting queries.




Manage Positions

Manage Positions allows you to view the details of existing positions. View Details allows you to assign or share the position:

  • Assign Position: If a user already exists within the TikForce system you will need to Assign them to the position. You can also Manage Workers for this position.
  • Share Position: If the user does not already exist within the system you will need to Share the position to the worker. This will send them an email asking them to sign up to TikForce and complete the selected position.

Allocated Positions

Allocated Positions shows any positions allocated to your organisation from a parent organisation in your hierarchy. You can View Details to manage the workers for this position and see statistics for this position.

It also allows you to Allocate Supplier and view the details of the position.


This page allows you to generate reports for the positions and credentials related to the positions. The TikForce Support team will be able to assist with any reporting queries.

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