We will already be aware that your National Police Check (NPC) is still in progress, but please feel free to stay in contact with us at any time during this process. Once a NPC takes over 15 days to return, we will escalate a query to ACIC.

What will ACIC do?

The Australian Crime and Intelligence Commission (ACIC) will now talk to the police jurisdiction that is responsible for investigating your request to find out why there has been a delay.

ACIC will advise TikForce in writing that this request has been made and if any additional information is required.

What ACIC won't do!

They will not talk to you directly. Their operating procedures strictly advise that TikForce speak with ACIC on your behalf. This is not negotiable.

ACIC will also not give TikForce a reason or any details regarding the delay.

The escalation of your submission will prompt action, but it may not be an immediate result.

Ultimately, TikForce want you to know that we are working to get you your results as quickly as possible while also ensuring that the result you are provided is correct.

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