TikForce is still working hard to get your results to you. But we wanted to give you a bit of an understanding to why there may be some delays. 

You have a common name?

Having a common name is one of the factors that may delay this process.

What is a common name?

We can all relate to the fact that there are likely to be lots of people with the name “Peter Smith” in the world - it is a common name.  But what if the name was “Peter Zion Smith”.

The challenge

The National Police Checking Service uses an algorithm to work out if a name is in their databases.  Our experience is that the algorithm will pick up on the “Peter Smith” component and call this a match even if other names are not.  Other examples could be that “Smithson” might create a match with “Smith”.  Also when names are being verified via the algorithm, it doesn’t matter if the name belongs to a male or female. Someone with the name “Michael Smith” could theoretically have a partial match with another person named “Michelle Smith”, essentially causing delays.

The outcome

Even when you think your name isn’t all that common, the algorithm might think otherwise.

You didn't add enough information?

Information is key. The more information we have, the more accurate the verification will be.

What kind of additional information?

It could be anything from a previous conviction, family members with a similar or the same Name or Date of Birth, or even a previous speeding fine.

You have traffic infringements?

Even the forgotten convictions such as Traffic Infringements can delay the progression of your application.

What is a traffic infringement?

A traffic infringement is a violation of road safety laws i.e. speeding, driving without a licence, driving an unregistered vehicle or a parking violation.

The challenge

Traffic Infringements aren’t guaranteed to appear on a Police Check, it can come down to a person’s occupation as to whether or not a certain violation (if any) are shown on your check. In some instances it can appear because there was an unpaid fine.

The outcome

Even if you have multiple infringements there isn’t a guarantee that they will be displayed when your police certificate is issued, but keep in mind that ALL convictions, infringements and open cases are investigated during this period to be sure the most accurate results are provided to you.

The police are very thorough

Police checks are ALWAYS treated as if they were the very first one you've ever requested from any company. The Australian Criminal Intelligence Commissions take it upon themselves to investigate each and every conviction that has been filed against your name regardless of how old the conviction is. This is to ensure whether or not the conviction is to be placed on your National Police Check and whether the conviction actually belongs to you.

Delays can happen during this process even if you don't think these convictions are relative.

We hope this information has been helpful and we do urge you to contact TikForce if you do have additional information that may help this process.

Your address history isn't accurate?

Make sure when trying to complete the National Police Check process you have provided 5 years worth of address history which also add up correctly (make sure you can account for exactly 5 years). This may be a preventative reason why your National Police Check cannot be processed.

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