Manage Workers is where you add workers and pre-verified workers, export contact details, as well as view and edit workers within the Organisation Portal. 

From this page you can edit the role of the workers as well as view their details, which allows you to send messages, add credentials, generate worker profile certificates and remove the workers. It shows the position and the credentials that are associated with the worker.

1. From the Organisation Dashboard, hover over the menu on the left-hand side of the page.

2. Click to expand the 'Workers' tab.

3. Select 'Manage Workers'

On this screen, you have access to many useful tools such as: 

    - Editing Worker Details

    - Viewing Worker Details

    - Removing a Worker

    - Sending a message to a Worker (this function sends the user an Email)

    - Assign a Position to a Worker

Below is a video that highlights what has been covered in this FAQ.

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