The Manage Invites component allows you to view all workers who have been invited to your organisation. 

It shows their status – whether the worker has accepted the invitation (by clicking on the link sent to their email), or simply sent (the user has been sent their invite but have not clicked the link to accept it).

From this page you can invite Workers, remove Workers, or resend invitation links.

1. From the Organisation Dashboard, hover over the menu on the left-hand side of the page.

2. Click to expand the 'Workers' tab.

3. Select 'Manage Invites'

    From this page, you can:

    - Invite Workers

    - Resend Invitation Links

    - Remove Invited Workers 

4. To Invite Workers, click 'Invite Workers'

5. You will now be required to fill out an information form with the details of the person you want to associate with your organisation.

    - If you would like to add multiple workers, there is a 'Bulk Invite Worker' and a 'Bulk Add Worker' option where you will be provided with a CSV file to allow for easy data entry and uploading of multiple details.

Note: Any mandatory required fields that aren't completed will be highlighted in red, and you will not be able to proceed without providing this data. 

Below is a video that highlights what has been covered in this FAQ.

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