Once your application is submitted to TikForce, the information is delivered to the National Police Checking Service (NPCS) -  part of the ACIC (Australian Criminal Intelligence Commission) -  to then be vetted automatically and manually. 

If there are any inconsistencies in your information, identity or history, your check may be submitted for a more thorough inspection - possibly adding further delays to the current wait time.

An extract taken from ACIC's website may help you understand the process a little more:

A National Police History Check, commonly referred to as a police check, involves processing an individual's biographic details (such as name and date of birth) in a central index of names which then uses a name matching algorithm to determine if the name of that individual matches any others who have police history information. The name will then be vetted by police personnel to determine what information may be disclosed, subject to relevant spent conviction legislation and/or information release policies.

Click here to see more about how the checking process works or see attachment below.

TikForce will keep you up to date with the process of any checks submitted through us, and notify you once that check is completed.

If you are still having issues with this after reading the FAQ, you can contact us by emailing support@tikforce.com or by submitting a Ticket, and we will assist you in progressing as soon as possible.

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