If you follow the steps below, the process to get a National Police Check (NPC) is very easy. 

What is the National Police Check process?

  1.  An individual, like yourself, places a check with an ACIC Accredited Organisation (like us, TikForce Operations Pty Ltd) supplying us with your informed consent via online form.
  2. We will then lodge the application (through the TikForce platform) once we are satisfied that we have confirmed your identity by using our strict ID verification system. (By doing so, you have signed up to the TikForce platform and started your Tik.me personal account - see What is Tik.me?)
  3. Your request for a NPC is then processed through the National Police Checking Service (NPCS).
  4. If you have no previous criminal history or any other potential name/date of birth matches within the system, then a result can sometimes be returned quite quickly (sometimes within an hour).
  5. If there are matches with other names in the system or if you have a criminal record, the NPCS may choose to investigate further to ensure that any convictions listed have been stored in the right person's file. These investigations can take typically take between 10 – 15 business days, but the NPCS do their best to have all results back as quickly as possible.

The challenge

The biggest challenge is how much time it takes between initially ordering the police check and receiving the final result. Unfortunately because of privacy and security reasons, the time between start and completion of these checks will vary from person to person based on their individual information and circumstances. This is why it is recommended you request your NPC as soon as possible, to allow the most amount of time, if needed.

The outcome

When a result is provided, it has one of two outcomes:

  1. No disclosable court outcomes: This means there is no police history information held against you, OR there is no information that can be released with respect to the category or purpose of the check.
  2. Disclosable court outcomes: This result means that there is police history information that can be released and that it has been listed on the police check result.

For a more in depth run down on the exact process the ACIC follows when processing their checks, please refer to the ACIC website regarding the NPCS checking process..

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