You can request your National Police Check for many different reasons. We have listed a few examples below:

  • Pre-employment screening.
  • Volunteer work.
  • Occupational related licensing purposes 
  • Immigration/citizenship purposes.
  • Visa applications.
  • Working in hospitals/schools.
  • Licensing  e.g. gun licence, taxi licence.

Our advice is that if there is a chance you will need one, make sure you apply for it as soon as possible. At times, results can take days to be returned. We don't want this to be the reason you missed out on an opportunity.

If you have a common name or even a small traffic offence, there's a possibility that it can delay your check for 14 days or more.

Therefore it is best to apply as soon as possible so you have it in hand when you need it.

You should keep in mind that you can't get a National Police Check for one job/purpose and use it further into the future for a different job/purpose. E.g. if you apply for a clearance as a volunteer at a school you won't be able to use the same one for a job as a Bank-Teller. 

If you are still having issues with this after reading the FAQ, you can contact us by email or by submitting a ticket, and we will assist you in progressing as soon as possible.


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