Upload documents on behalf of an individual - new feature for Org portal (Admin users) -


A new feature on our org portal is the ability for the following user roles - Entity Managers, Admin or Managers - to be able to upload credentials on behalf of your workers (in certain circumstances).

  • Entity Managers can upload credentials on behalf of any user within your org portal 
  • Admin or Manager users can upload on behalf of direct employees within your org portal 
  • This new feature is limited to Positions credentials uploads only – you cannot apply to request a National Police Check on behalf of a user, nor can you complete an induction video viewing on behalf of a user. 

You would use this feature if you needed to transfer into TikForce your workers’ documents and details stored in your existing system, or if one of your users needed to escalate an uploading issue to you, as a portal administrator.

It is not intended to replace the individual users continuing to manage their own credentials and documentation on the TikForce platform.

For more information, see Release Notes - Release 58.

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